Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sayonara. May we meet again~

In case many of you did not get the message that i posted on the chat-box.
I know it's a little late and all but if there still viewers/supporters still visiting this blog (we loved you!) , we just wanted to say that this blog was created for the sole purpose of our project. Now that our project is done and due to no over-whelming response we decided to stop updating this blog and let this be our memories. However if there are responses that wants us to continue this anime/shows reviews we will gladly do it :D Though this might seem sad but we enjoyed the time u supported us :D The 2.7k+ views would not happen without you! <3

In the mean times let this be our memories of the time we shared together? :D


This may well be our last video for this blog! So enjoy!
And to end this post , i made a AMV (sort of) dedicated to this memory blog !


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