Saturday, 27 July 2013

Anime: Air

Welcome back! How has everyone been? We're all doing project and assignments's such a drag T_T i guess that's why you're been seeing quite a number of emotional/sad shows in recent post :P All relate-able!
Don't you just wish that everything could just fly away , like all of your problems. Well we can't fly but this anime can so seat back and lets explore /immense into this anime world !

Ok enough with the sad intro :D time to introduced the anime along as well !
We're introducing AIR for those who have seen the clannad post , AIR is created by the same author ! So you can expect similar things ( comparing the character design and such).

The windy/Flying Plot
The anime follows a young traveling puppeteer named Yukito, as he comes to a quiet town on the coast. Here he meets a number of the town's inhabitants, most of whom happen to be high school girls. At this point, Air seems predictable enough: it could easily seen as  "a wandering guy + met cute girls," but AIR is nothing of that sort. In fact you're be surprize by the unexpect turns of event

Misuzu is a cheerful yet lonely girl and is the first person in the town that Yukito meets. However, as the two grow closer, Yukito discovers why Misuzu never seems to be able to make any friends: Every time she gets close to someone, she starts to have a mental breakdown. A little insight , there's a total of 3 arc each with different main herorine and such , but each of these arcs combine elements of drama, tragedy, comedy, and romance, and it can get a little overwhelming at times. Definitely recommended to watch.

From a visual novel to an anime then movie , we can already see AIR is very awesome. An anime like Air doesn't come very often. Equal parts drama, tragedy, romance, comedy, and fantasy, Air manages to tie all of those elements together into one unforgettable story. It isn't something that should be missed.

If you're familiar with other Key visual novel-based anime, then you probably know to expect an element of fantasy.The second arc , a sequence that pulls the setting back to a thousand years ago, where a samurai named Ryuya and an telekinetic attendant named Uraha help a truly winged-girl named Kanna to escape a life of imprisonment in a shrine. While the previous arcs present the viewer with a jumble of confusing ideas and plot elements, thi flashback arc manages to tie all of these elements together in a way that not only works,  but let the viewers connect the dots and see the strings that tied all of the plot elements and arcs together. It is a truly skillful show of storytelling, and it clears all of the confusion as it drives the series into its final, climactic arc.

(More like AMV since trailers decided to go hide :P)



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