Wednesday, 17 July 2013

T.V Shows: When Heaven Burns

Hey Hey :P

Another hongkong drama *hehe* (seriously where's the taiwan/korean dramas? [coming soon?])

Anyway i hope u all enjoy hongkong's drama cause this is one awesome drama tooooo :D

When Heaven Burns <天與地>
The Amazing Plot
It's tells the story of this 4-man band.(When Heaven Burns), who was on their way to Xing Jiang , (China) , but was unfortunate and ending up in a heavy storm. This caused them to be stranded on TIan Shan Mountain.

While finding their way back , one of the members was injured , at that point of time they were running out of food supplies also, annnnnnd .....i left the rest for you to watch and find out but u could already guess what happen :D

Further more:
Angus, who is the ex-guitarist of the band, is an investment executive now, the husband of a rich lady.Joe, who is the ex- drummer of the band, choose to work for union activities , his ability also helped him attract many big company's attention.

Ronnie, who is also the-guitarist of the band, choose to immigrant to Canada and is an actuary now as well as a father of two children.

But WAIT where's the fourth member !?
Well as you watch the drama further , you would realised what happen to that band member as well as the things the other band members did in order to ???...hehe WATCH the drama to find out more :P

As for me:
I think this is a great drama to watch, it make us to think about ourselves on many questions on humanity, greedy and relationship with other people, which is very uncommon and different from other TV drama. It is also a story about the psychological struggles we face in life and those friendship, survival and choices we make.....Sooooo it's time to listen to the peaceful music in this blog as you reflect about your lives. (ok well maybe not but really this drama would amaze you !)

Annnnnnnd TRAILERS hehe
(OMG this trailer is so spoiler but still watch the drama :P )



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