Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Movie: Warm bodies

Hello ! :D how has everyone been lately? good luck in whatever ur doing :D This we are introducing and movie called WARM BODIES. So zombie lover must be excited ?


Warm Bodies
 is a 2013 American paranormal romantic zombie comedy film based on Isaac Marion's novel of the same name. Directed and written by Jonathan Levine,the film stars Nicholas HoultTeresa Palmer and Analeigh Tipton.

After a zombie apocalypse, R, a zombie, spends his days wandering around an airport which is now filled with hordes of his fellow undead, including his best friend M. R and M achieve rudimentary communication with grunts and moans and occasional near-words. As a zombie, R constantly craves human flesh, especially brains, as he is able to "feel alive" through the victims' memories he experiences when he eats them.

While R and a pack of zombies are out hunting for food, they encounter Julie Grigio and a group of her friends, who were sent out by Julie's father from a heavily-fortified, walled-off human enclave in a nearby city to recover medical supplies from abandoned buildings. R sees Julie and is drawn to her. After being shot in the chest by Julie's boyfriend, Perry, R kills him while Julie is distracted, and eats his brain, giving R his thoughts and memories, making his attraction to Julie even stronger.

So what what what is going to happen next :D ? How about reading our thoughts on this.

It's a zombie movie that's the opposite of a zombie movie, which is a reason to sorta love it. Warm Bodies is a charming, fresh and always funny "zom-com" with a lot of heart, thanks to director Jonathan Levine's ability to explore love in the most unexpected of places. I really can't say I enjoyed this film, however, I didn't loathe it either.


Liu Zhe


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