Saturday, 27 July 2013

Movie: Face/off

So to break this emotional chain of sad recommendation of shows/anime/movie , oh wait what am i talking about it's impossible (LOL) anyway we're destined to have sad shows for a while :P

well to be honest , i don't really think this is an emotional movie , more action packed and stuff with a little sad backstory i guess.

We're introducing Face/

The Swapping/Confusing Plot
FBI Special Agent Sean Archer (played by John Travolta) has a personal vendetta against civil freelance terrorist Castor Troy (played by Nicolas Cage) after Castor killed Archer's son Michael while trying to assassinate Archer. During one of castor act he was caught but the FBI has no idea where the bombs are . Thus Archer agrees to undergo an experimental face transplant surgery, giving him the appearance of Castor; this process is only known to his immediate supervisors and Dr. Walsh who performs the surgery.

The medical operation is a success: Archer's hair, muscles and other necessary physical parts are altered into Castor's and his face is switched with Castor's, whose now faceless head is bandaged and Archer's face is stored in a tank of water. Archer (now played by 
Nicolas Cage) is taken to an offshore high security penitentiary, Erewhon Prison, and meets with Pollux ( 'his brother') hope of gaining the bomb's location !

But wait....that's not all , what about castor who was in a coma due to his 'act'. WHAT POSSIBLE story is there left to be unfold.....and why is Archer who is still in the prison finding clues suddenly appear back in the FBI HQ COULD IT BE?.....
Find out more as you watch the movie and learn about both of their secrets and stuffs.
Some thoughts to ponder
Watching Travolta and Cage play dual hero and dual villain roles remains the most enjoyable aspect. The dramatic scenes have emotional gravity, while the exhilarating action sequences defy gravity. The high-tech stuff is flawlessly done, but the intriguing elements of the movie involve the performances. Travolta and Cage do not use dubbed voices, and don't try to imitate each other's speaking voices precisely when "occupying" each other's bodies !

So for all those action-packed , sci-thriller type of people ! WATCH THIS EPIC MOVIE :D

NOTHING even words can't be compared with Trailers ! So there :D


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