Sunday, 28 July 2013

T.V Shows: Baby-Faced Beauty

Hi EVERYONE! FINALLY A KOREAN DRAMA HAS ARRIVED ! AND IT IS JUST AWESOME NO? i really liked this drama a lot and since i hardly watch korean drama now this one has to be awesome !

Baby Faced Beauty (Hangul동안미녀Hanja童顏美女RRDongan Minyeo) is a 2011 South Korean television series starring Jang Na-raChoi DanielRyu Jin, and Kim Min-seoThe drama is about an aspiring 34-year-old fashion designer who fakes her age to get a job in a fashion company. 34-year-old So-young has lackluster education background (a mere high school degree) and bad credit history (due to her younger, spendthrift sister).

After getting fired from a fabric factory she worked at for 14 years, she has trouble finding a new job. When her younger sister, So-jin, rejects the offer of working at a fashion design company called "The Style", So-young decides to take her sister’s place by pretending to be 10 years younger.

Other than the specialty of turning ordinary materials into something special, her advantage is her 
babyface. In the workplace, she encounters Seung-il, the company president who eyes her with interest, and Jin-wook, a marketing director who falls in love with her without knowing that she is seven years older than him.

Some epic moments to trip on
 The plot in the beginning was silly, but as it continued, it became interesting, and worth the wait. The script is good too, and the screenplay adorable, though a bit cliché- might only be in my eyes, but I did expect most things to happen.This show is mostly meh. Harmless and potentially amusing, there’s cute chemistry with the romantic lead, but as you watch further , everything CHANGED!

Also, this drama is realistic in the way that Lee Soyoung gets punished for lying. She loses the trust of those around her and she loses her job. Her large lie does not go away easily – it stays with her for a while until she’s able to redeem herself.

In addition, I loved all the competitions that took place in this drama! They certainly left me curious about the outcome and what would happen. I enjoyed seeing the process of losing first but then coming back up stronger than ever and winning.

So this drama is highly recommended for those who loved fasion design :D as well as a little office romance LOL

TRAILERS TRAILERS & a music that i like from the drama !



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