Sunday, 14 July 2013

Movie: Despicable Me 2

Welcome back :D
"We're back in the game , with cool shows , movies and animes!" - edited from Gru :D 
It's our 3rd post for this blog :P and i'm introducing this wonderful movie that i'm very sure all of u should already know! IT'S DESPICABLE ME 2 , IT'S SO FLUFFY IM GOTNA DIE!

*Grins* For those that do not know it's a sequel to Despicable Me which is also btw another awesome movie :D

ok ok , enough fan-screaming , sooo whats so good about it?

Well first , THE MINONS they are just so cute and awesome. A little insight about this movie , Gru retired as a evil villain and became a loving father (AWWW). However a new evil guy is on the loose and the anti villain league director ,  Silas Ramsbottom ( *hehe* bottom *more minons laughing*) , wants to recruit Gru since he was a villain and might knew what they are up. And the story unfolds as you find out more by watching the movie showing NOW in cinemas near you!

For me , i would definitely recommend this awesome movie to everyone and minon-lovers :D. It is a wonderful movie for all family to enjoy. It has action , suspense and even romance! A 5/5 rating for me although i feel that it could do better like MORE MINONS *hehe*. On a another note , rumor has that a spin-off/sequel(?) movie called MINONS maybe in production O.O Stay tune on this blog to find out more about this as we continue to amaze you!

As usual TRAILERS! :D



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