Monday, 15 July 2013

Movie: Pacific Rim

Wooohooo due to request by 
Moviemanic: Can you do a post about Pacific Rim?
*hehe* This time we're introducing a movie that called Pacific Rim! :D 
i can tell most of you would be excited soooo :D without much blah blah (LOL).
we bring you Pacific Rim :P

       Exciting/Action-filled Plot :P
It's Time...LOL :P soooo The year is 2020 and the world is at threat , along side a fantastic prologue , showing how a rift in the bottom of the Pacific created a wormhole into another dimension where an army of monsters called Kaiju emerged , In order to fight the monsters, giant robots known as Jaegers were created, which humans would pilot from inside by using a device similar to an eliptical machine. With many more secrets to uncover as well as the purpose of the kaiju ( well beside taking over our world) and possibly the orgins!? Well to know more , it's best to watch the movie in cinemas SHOWING NOW so get your tickets and popcorn ready cause it's going to be an awesome ride to destruction!

As Always : TRAILERS !!! :D

First look into the trailer and most of you would already be amazed by the special effect and graphics of the movie. Furthur-more if you think it's just some machines (Robots) vs Monsters then you are wrong!

It's nothing like your average Robots vs Monster , it's for the survival of MANKIND with big robot and hideous monster! It's truly GO BIG OR GO EXTINCT!

If you’re interested in an over-the-top, purely action-packed popcorn movie then Pacific Rim is made for you.
WIth Creatures go crashing into buildings; in one scene a ship is used as a club to whack the enemy with, and battles rage both up in the skies and below in the oceans too but what separates this heap of destruction from other recent fare like “Man of Steel” and “Transformers” is that del Toro never stops to show us just how “awesome” the destruction is, the focus during the battles is almost always on the Jaeger and Kaiju.  

Also fans of “Hellboy” and “Pan’s Labyrinth” will surely find “Pacific Rim” to be a culmination of the director’s visual oeuvre, plus discovering plenty new material. (There's also a nice cameo from Hellboy star Ron Perlman as an underground smuggler of precious kaiju organs.) *hehe* 



  1. I heard the CG of this movie is awesome and plot is exhilarating. thanks for pushing me to watch it.
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