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Movie:Homeless to harvard

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It's our 2nd post (YAY) and this time we're introducing this movie called homeless to harvard , an old but yet warm-touching story that 's sure to melt your heart :D

Whats so special about this movie? and i bet all of u are wondering what is this movie about huh?
*hehe* so without further ado , i shall introduce this entertaining movie.

Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story is an American TV film directed by Peter Levin. It was first released on April 7, 2003 in the United States. This movie is adapted from Liz Murray's autobiography, Breaking Night

O.O The Plot 

Thora Birch stars as Liz Murray, who is very smart and talented but lives with a drug addict, schizophrenic mother and a father, who is intelligent, but has AIDS.

Not like us, Liz does not have a warm family. She is made homeless when the family is evicted due to not paying the rent and after her mother's death due to AIDS it strike her in the head. If she was to continue living like this , one day she would be like her mother. Death without any funeral rites what so ever , not even a tombstone! This fueled her determination and went to take her secondary school examination. Always hated school due to her family background and is a rebel.....

What happens next? Do she get to continue studying? Will she ever have a happy ending? 
Find out more by watching the movie yourself :D
Oh and did we mention it's based on a true story :P makes it more touching.

Well my comment on the movie after i watched is that,
Sometime, when we have difficulties, we will choose to give up without trying. I am a person who like to give up easily and that may cause loss of chance. This movie tells us that the journey to achieve your goal may be difficult, but we must push ourselves and make our life good. So, if you have a dreams, please just try your best to achieve it. Work hard as possible as you can and see what’s happens.

And Yes! Trailers for this movie !

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  1. Sounda like an inspiring movie ... Will put in on my watch list. Thanks.

  2. Will watch it. Because I once aspired to study in Harvard.
    But you: visit my blog aights?