Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Movie: Starry Starry Night (星空)

HI HO miss us ? Well we do :P anyway it's a Taiwanese movie :D don't let the picture/tittle fool you into thinking it's a anime :D

Starry Starry Night (星空) is a 2011 Taiwanese-Chinese fantasy drama film based on an illustrated novel by Taiwanese author Jimmy LiaoThe film was direct by a young director Tom Lin from Taiwan.

Xiao Mei used to live with her grandparents up in the mountains. When she later moves to the city to live with her parents, she finds the place cold and distant as compared to the village. One day, Xiao Mei was attracted to a beautiful recorder melody of a Christmas carol being played by her neighbor. She later learns that the neighbor is called Xiao Jie, a problematic child who is a new student in her school. Xiao Mei starts to be attracted to Xiao Jie since they share similar problems.

Suddenly, shortly after her beloved grandfather's death, Xiao Mei's parents announce that they will be divorcing. Upon hearing that, Xiao Mei's world starts to fall apart. She runs away from home, together with Xiao Jie, to visit the small wooden shack that she shared with her grandparents in the past.

When two of them have reached the log cabin of XiaoMei’s grandparent, XiaoMei has a high 

fever due to the rain when there are waiting of the starry night to be appear. When she awoke, XiaoJie have left her. Will XiaoMei ever have a chance to meet XiaoJie again? Let us watch this movie.

The film comes with a touching epilogue that at first feels unnecessary, but completely sells itself in the film's final moments. STARRY STARRY NIGHT is as much about children coping with family issues as it is a coming-of-age story for its young protagonists and is a tender, heartfelt treat about the end of childhood and the loss of innocence and a flight of fancy well worth taking.




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